The Hutton House


Since we first opened the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center, we have seen, first hand, the problems our Veterans face in their everyday lives, most of which could be resolved by a short term, one time, level of assistance.  Unfortunately, there were larger issues that would require a more detailed, long term effort to be resolved. We saw a need for living arrangements for Vets unable to afford their own place to live, homeless Vets, and those recently discharged from the military that have no permanent home to return to. To address this problem we initiated the Veterans Reintegration Project.

The first phase of the project was fundraising. We appealed to the community for monetary donations sufficient to purchase a building that would be suitable for these housing requirements. With the help of various local businesses, organizations, clubs, and individuals, we were able to purchase a property that met our need for both living and office space. The local support continued with folks stepping up to provide labor and materials for the renovations needed to meet county building codes. In April of 2014 the work was completed and we all gathered to celebrate the grand opening of The Hutton House.

Denny Hutton, a military veteran, was a strong supporter of not only the VFW Post 10804 but the Veterans Welcome home and Resource Center, so in April 2014 when the Center was purchased and moved to its present location, it was imperative that this converted four bedroom house be named in his honor.The Hutton House is a shelter for homeless veterans. Since April 2014 over 25 military veterans, who found themselves living in their motor vehicles, have been reintegrated back into society! The volunteers at the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center have been instrumental in ensuring the success of these veterans.

While these selected veterans are in the Hutton House they are provided with food, clothing, mentoring, and whatever they need – FREE OF CHARGE- through the generosity of not only the volunteers, but the civic community as a whole. Make no mistake, this is not a hand-out it is a hand-up program, designed to assist veterans who qualify with some services that will allow them to re-enter society and succeed.

How does it work?

Any honorably discharged homeless veteran willing to work towards improving their life situation, is welcome to apply for admission into The Hutton House project. All applicants are interviewed by members of the “house committee” who are charged with determining if a veteran meets the requirements to participate in the program. Prior to entering the program, each qualified veteran will receive a professional evaluation of their situation and be presented with a detailed plan geared toward helping them to achieve an independent living status. Upon their agreement to commit to this plan, the veteran will be accepted to the the program. Qualified veterans are then provided with a free, clean, safe place to live, food to eat, and sleeping quarters. In this shared living environment, all residents must also agree to share responsibility for household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, building maintenance, etc.  All veterans accepted into the community will be welcome to stay at this facility and receive the benefits of professional care and counseling, as long as they adhere to their development plan and maintain a clean and sober lifestyle.

The facility

The building itself is shared by both the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center offices and The Hutton House living area. The Hutton House section consists of four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a common living area, a complete kitchen, and a laundry room.  The living room contains a common use TV, computer, and printer that are shared by all in residence. The Center provides residences with food, cooking and eating utensils, cleaning and laundry supplies, and personal products as needed. Each bedroom is equipped to accommodate two Veterans (if necessary), allowing for up to seven veterans at a maximum capacity, and a TV set for individual program preferences.

Qualified Applicants

If you are an honorably discharged veteran, or know of one, that might be interested in applying for admission to this program please contact us with your request for more information.

We need your help!

Many veterans have already achieved success through this program and have gotten their lives back on track after some very tough life experiences. We need to keep this program in operation as long as there are Vets in need of this type of assistance.

The veterans we serve live right here in our communities, as such, they are your neighbors!

Can we count on your support for this much needed program?

Monetary support can be made by check through regular mail or by credit card through PayPal.

If you would like to make material donations, please call the center to determine our current needs.

Thank you for your continued support!