The Rotary House

Several years ago a group formed the Veterans Housing Organization with the hopes of creating a village of converted shipping containers for military veterans. A model of the converted shipping container was built at Lumber 84 in Pawley’s Island, SC through the efforts of a number of contractors, and under the specifications directed by Venture Engineering. This idea of a “Veterans Village” never got off the ground, and in May 2017, the shipping container found itself in the back yard of the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center in Little River, SC.

The plan for the container house was to use it as a kind of half-way house for veterans coming out of the Hutton House to be transitioned into society by living for a time in the container house.
The first order of business was to get Horry County to sanction this project and issue a permit. This took some convincing, but the permit was eventually issued; once this happened, the project was underway! A foundation was built, water, sewer lines were installed, a crane lifted the container onto the foundation, and it was secured! Next came the plumbing and wiring along with the power. A walkway was built as a part of an Eagle Scout project, and we were up and running.

Since the Little River Rotary Club was one of the first contributors to this project, the container was named “The Rotary House” in the fall of 2017. There are so many people, and civic organizations that took part in this project that we cannot name them all, but here is a partial list:

Little River Rotary
All Phases Contracting
Venture Engineering
Boy Scout Troop 888 and Scout Scott Geddie
Mr. Sparky Electric
Devlin Plumbing
Aquamen Cleaning Solutions
Alabama Theatre Ticketing